Tracking gun violence in Philadelphia: October 20, 2020

October 20, 2020

Soon, we can expect that the number of people killed so far this year in Philadelphia to surpass the 391 total homicides recorded during all 365 days of 2007, as well as every year since. This year’s homicide rate is presently running 20 percent ahead of the pace set in 2007. Read More

Research: Half of all shooting victims not reported in the news

October 19, 2020

Dr. Jessica Beard and Jim MacMillan of the Philadelphia Center for Gun Violence Reporting were among authors of a study published in the journal Preventive Medicine titled “Making the news: Victim characteristics associated with media reporting on firearm injury.” In summary: Researchers and the public turn to the media for information on firearm violence. Half of all shooting victims were not reported in the news. Deaths, multiple shootings, women, and children were more often covered by the media. Comprehensive data on firearm injury is essential. Read More