Tracking gun violence in Philadelphia: March 17, 2021

The latest city data – updated Sunday – indicates a 51.5 percent increase in the number of shooting victims recorded in Philadelphia during the most recent 365 days, when compared with the 365 days preceding the first implementation of COVID restrictions one year earlier. [@PCGVR]

Latest Philadelphia data

• Police reported 47 shooting victims in Philadelphia during the seven-day period ending Sunday; up from 36 people shot during the previous week and 26 people shot two weeks earlier. Year-to-date shooting victims are running 48.4 percent ahead of last year’s pace. At least nine of last week’s Philadelphia shooting victims have died. Thirteen teens were struck, including four 15-year-olds. [Philadelphia Police via Google/Open Data Philly]

• Police reported 100 total homicides this year-to-date through Sunday night. Philadelphia has not suffered 100 homicides before the end of March since 2007. []

• Philadelphia’s gun homicide rate in 2020 was slightly more than double the average rate suffered across the 100 most populous US cities, according to the Gun Violence 20/20 City Tracker, a new tool from the RISE Lab at Boston University. [@PCGVR/RISE Lab via ArcGIS]

• Philadelphia suffered its third and fourth mass shooting incidents of 2021 last week. [Gun Violence Archive]

Briefings begin

• Philadelphia Mayor Kenney announced that the city will hold regular gun violence prevention briefings. You can watch on Facebook beginning today at noon. []

• The enhanced transparency could reduce violence by changing the media narrative around shootings. A public health expert might be helpful with the public health approach. [@CouncilmemberJG via YouTube/@ Marla4Peace]

Opinion from Philadelphia

• Reimagining safety means making intentional decisions to address the root causes of gun violence through policy changes and financial investment in Black people and Black neighborhoods. [The Washington Post]

Not for sale

• Ghost guns will no longer be sold at most Pennsylvania gun shows. Attorney General Shapiro discussed why that’s important. [The Philadelphia Inquirer/@EFSGV]

New survey

• The Pennsylvania Safety Alliance released a new survey that demonstrates overwhelming support for requiring a permit to purchase a firearm. [PA SAFETY ALLIANCE]


• Congress passed legislation that would require background checks for gun purchases but the Senate might now follow through. [The Associated Press]


• Young men of color in Philadelphia self-isolate to avoid dangers, including street violence and the criminal-legal system. [The Philadelphia Inquirer]

On the Media

• The FBI’s transition to a new crime reporting system could make it difficult to assess trends for the next few years and result in some misleading headlines. [New York Times]

• Some shootings gets more news coverage than others. “You don’t need to be a criminologist to see this.” [The Columbus Dispatch]

Open letter on gun violence

• Portland, OR, area officials “openly acknowledge and express regret for past mistakes and the historical inequities and racism surrounding public safety and health for BIPOC communities.” [Multnomah County]

Life After the Gunshot

• New docu-series highlights the effects of gun violence and mass incarceration on young men living in Washington, DC. []


• The Mass Shooter Database Version 3 includes calculations of years of life lost for each mass shooting victim, adding up to 40,000 total years lost since 1966. [The Violence Project]

Solution of the Week

• New York City will be piloting the Advance Peace gun violence prevention model. A peer-reviewed study of the pilot in Sacramento, California showed a 27% reduction in gun violence. [ Peace]

What are we missing?

• Use the “Contact” button on our home page menu to report any errors or omissions related Philadelphia gun violence, prevention and media coverage. [PCGVR]