Live screening and online premiere: “Numb to Norlmalcy”

December 23, 2021

“Numb to Normalcy: Gun Violence in America” is the latest video documentary produced with support from the Credible Messenger Reporting Project here at the Philadelphia Center for Gun Violence Reporting. This video features intimate conversations among Ahmad Mitchell, Taylor Dixon-Moore and Yolanda Brutley-Dugger, students at Community College of Philadelphia. It was directed by Proof of Consciousness (P.O.C.) with assistant directors Aapril Rice (Breezy Digital) and Alisha Laws (Exhibit A Art Design.) Read More

Making plans for 2022

December 12, 2021

At The Philadelphia Center for Gun Violence Reporting, we’re on a mission to find out if changing the narratives associated with community gun violence in America can prevent shootings and save lives. Here are some of the projects for which we are presently seeking support, prioritized according to urgency. Read More

Status report: Our first full year at the Center

December 4, 2021

Gun violence continued to increase both locally and nationally throughout 2021 but we have made good progress developing The Philadelphia Center for Gun Violence Reporting during this first full year of operations and we expect to demonstrate more positive impact with each following year. We have now organized our work into three closely-aligned programs. Read More