Making plans for 2022

At The Philadelphia Center for Gun Violence Reporting, we’re on a mission to find out if changing the narratives associated with community gun violence in America can prevent shootings and save lives.

Even while the shooting continued to increase both locally and nationally throughout 2021, we made good progress developing Center and we expect to demonstrate more positive impact with each following year.

Here are some of the projects for which we are presently seeking support, prioritized according to urgency:

Podcast expansion

One of our Credible Messenger Reporting teams has been producing a podcast episode about what it’s like to survive gun violence from the perspective of the mother of a shooting victim who was severely injured. It’s incredibly powerful and we want to expand it into a series.


We are making preliminary plans now to organize our first hackathon next summer or fall, bringing key stakeholders together for a day or two to collaborate on development best gun violence prevention reporting practices, informed by leanings from our research collaborative.

Research collaborative

Early in the new year we will announce the launch of our new research collaborative, with our Director of Research Dr. Jessica Beard and leading researchers and associates from several universities. We hope to continue and extensively expand this work moving forward.

Credible Messengers

We hope to continue expanding the Credible Messenger Reporting Project, which brings people from impacted communities together with advanced professional journalists, leveraging their combined authority to report on root causes, lived experience and possible solutions to gun violence from the community perspective.

Looking further ahead, we hope to place Credible Messenger Fellows in local newsrooms, produce our own news program on solutions to gun violence and replicate our best work in other cities.

Professional development

We hope to expand our professional development program. In addition to producing our Better Gun Violence Summit before the pandemic, we have engaged with journalists in every major Philadelphia newsroom, as well as digital-first and community news organizations and others across the nation.

Narrative change movement

We have identified a growing movement of like-minded individuals and organizations beginning to talk about narrative change strategies for preventing violence and we are interested in forming an organization.

Philadelphia gun violence prevention news

Launching a hyperlocal digital news organization would provide greater distribution for our community reporting as well as more curated news coverage focused on evidence-based solutions to gun violence.

This approach could also create opportunities to deepen collaboration among our professional, research and community reporting networks to demonstrate best practices in action and design a replicable model for other cities.

Newsletter expansion

We have been producing the Weekly Brief on Gun Violence Prevention in Philadelphia since August, 2020, and now have more than 1,650 email subscribers. Looking ahead, we could expand this effort to support a daily newsletter and possibly help launch similar services in other cities.

The vision

Above all, we need general operating support to build and sustain the team it will take to achieve our mission. We hope to assemble and sustain a small full-time staff in every role from leadership and research to development, programing, community engagement, communications, and administration.

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The Philadelphia Center for Gun Violence Reporting