Maxayn Gooden, Community Engagement Manager

Maxayn Gooden is Community Engagement Manager for the Credible Messenger Reporting Project. Her work includes communicating with past, present and future community journalists, helping to meet their reporting needs, gathering community-produced content and helping to plan and execute improvements to the Credible Messenger Reporting Project. Read More

Moms reflect on producing “The Path Forward”

Four members of Mothers in Charge, one of Philadelphia’s leading gun violence prevention communities, partnered with a longtime Philadelphia journalist and her team to produce “The Path Forward,” a short documentary sharing their own intimate conversation about losing their sons to gun violence. Read More

In memoriam

While we hope that data and other information we provide may prove useful, we never forget that we are talking about real people. You can learn more about many of the individuals lost to gun violence in Philadelphia, and participate in memorializing them, thanks to several local organizations. Read More

Join the conversation

We are very grateful to the network of community representatives, journalists, clinicians, researchers, officials and other collaborators who have supported our work in recent years and now we have opened our space on Slack as an avenue for daily discussions, to share opportunities, keep you updated on news from the Center and enhance our relationships. We hope this effort attracts new friends too. Please join us! Read More

Reorganized for 2022

Our home page was overflowing with our activities during 2021. So, we spent the holiday break reorganizing our site to make it easier to find the things you need in the new year. Read More

Philadelphia Police post year-end data

Open data published this morning show 2,327 total shooting victims recorded in Philadelphia during 2021, representing a 3.6 percent in comparison with 2020. Fatal shootings were up 17.3 percent compared to the previous year, with 486 people shot to death in the city during 2021. Read More