Responding to this summer’s gun violence

Thank you for visiting. With more than 700 shooting victims recorded during the past three months in Philadelphia, we understand that many people may be seeking more information about specific incidents but we do not provide breaking news coverage. Instead, we recommend that those reporting gun violence consider the resources below.

Stop doing ‘breaking news’ for more accurate gun violence coverage, panel says
What Journalists Can Do To Report More Effectively — and Compassionately — on Gun Violence
Reporting on community gun violence? Here’s what to do
The Better Gun Violence Reporting Summit
Resources for Better Gun Violence Reporting
Philadelphia and Pennsylvania open data and related resources

About the Center

The Philadelphia Center on Gun Violence Reporting, Philadelphia Association of Black Journalists, and the filmmaker behind the short documentary, “Heaven: Can You Hear Me?” recently collaborated to convene a panel of journalists, public health professionals and community leaders on advancing community-centered and solutions-oriented reporting on gun violence in Philadelphia and other U.S. cities. Watch it now:

Changes in U.S. newsrooms in recent decades have reduced the capacity for in-depth reporting, including stories about gun violence. “Shift the Narrative” panelists explored the challenges of centering the perspectives of survivors and impacted community members while offering views about how to improve reporting on gun violence and gun violence prevention.