Kimberly Kamara, Community Journalist, Credible Messenger Reporting Project

Kimberly Kamara produced and narrated “Never Ending Emotions,” a short video documentary produced with support from the Credible Messenger Reporting Project. The film premiered at the Ethical Society of Philadelphia.

Kimberly produced and narrated the report to shed light on the gun violence crisis in Philadelphia. She not only formed the team but also invited and interviewed all of the participants and chose the filming location.

She said she enjoyed every aspect of creating the project and learned a great deal about all the technical work that goes into this sort of production.

Kimberly Kamara is also the author of “Where’s My Daddy,” a children’s book aimed at kids who’ve lost a parent to murder. The book was inspired by her family’s continuing journey of grief after her son, Niam Johnson-Tate, lost his life to gun violence on July 5, 2017.

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