Philadelphia gun violence and prevention report: May 26, 2021

A new study says that Pennsylvania ranks seventh among states with the highest homicides rate among Black residents. Data analysis estimates the annual cost of crime in Philadelphia at more that $5.5 billion — or nearly $3,500 per resident. Residents of the Philadelphia neighborhoods suffering the most gun violence voted last week to re-elect District Attorney Larry Krasner. Resolving conflicts through restorative healing circles could reduce 911 calls and police presence in our neighborhoods. Read More

Philadelphia gun violence and prevention report: May 19, 2021

The City of Philadelphia has a guide to help you find ways to address violence in your community and raise awareness about available services. Parents should also learn how to talk to other parents about guns. Community groups pivoted to address gun violence in Philadelphia as the COVID-19 pandemic emerged. Read More

Tracking gun violence in Philadelphia: April 21, 2021

Should we expect community gun violence to spike following outbreaks of social unrest? Last year, shootings in Philadelphia increased after George Floyd was killed on May 25 and then 40 people were shot in the three days following the outbreak of protest violence on May 30. On average, six people were shot in the city each day during 2020. Read More

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