Project Screening Fund Reimbursement Request

Credible Messengers: If you have delivered your final project, you are invited to organize a screening and submit cost receipts for reimbursement. Here are the steps: 

• Deliver your final project and confirm that we have received it.
• Complete this form when you plan your event and await approval.
• Invite us and hold your event.
• After your event: Submit receipts for expenses you paid and an invoice for your stipend for organizing the event.
(We will also need your W9 and can set up direct deposit if you choose to complete that optional form.)
• Expect payment in three weeks of less.

Some notes:

• Event support is a pilot project and we will do our best to work with your request but we may not have these funds available at all times.
• We will consider cost over-runs but we can only commit to reimbursing approved costs.
• We only prove support for productions from our Credible Messenger Reporting Project.
• Unfortunately, we cannot pay these costs in advance.

Thank you,