Strategic initiatives for 2024

During the next year, we expect to make significant investments in four key areas:

  1. We will formalize and codify our unique network of public health scholars, impacted community members, and reporters. While we have long played a role as a convener and facilitator, we will now create a database giving others the ability to access this deep and growing network of stakeholders.
  2. We will advance and scale up deployment of our gun violence prevention reporter certification curriculum. This will allow the organization to disseminate cutting edge research, articulate emerging knowledge about reporting practices, and begin creating a shared understanding of better gun violence reporting.
  3. We will invest in a growing team to lead this work into the future. Specifically, we will seek the administrative and leadership support necessary to move The Center toward stability and sustainability. This will include identifying and cultivating strong partnerships and investing in succession planning to identify the right long-term leader to sustain our growing network of scholars, advocates, and reporters.
  4. Finally, we will convene events to seed conversations, share promising practices, and continue to build our movement to advance empathetic, ethical, and impactful journalism.

Through these investments, The Center will continue creating the movement necessary to reimagine the way we report on gun violence and, ultimately, contribute to the articulation of new standards that minimize harmful reporting and contribute to a decrease in gun violence.