The Credible Messenger Reporting Project will provide stipends for community representatives and professional journalists. Apply for support now:

The Center for Gun Violence Reporting at Community College of Philadelphia is now seeking applicants to join the Credible Messenger Reporting Project and tell the story of gun violence and prevention in Philadelphia from the community perspective.

Community reporters will be paired with professional journalists to learn from each other, craft stories and get the news out where it can make a difference.

We hope to see some of the resulting reports shared by local news organizations, while other might be more effective on social media platforms and we hope to find professional journalists learning more about engaging new audiences. The possibilities are endless.

The Center will provide equal funding to both partners and cover related expenses, including stipends for story subjects from the community in some cases. Total budgets between $500 and $5,000 for each team project will be considered for approval.

Community representatives should compete the following:

Professional journalists should complete the following:

Approved participants should team up and complete the following:

More info:

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This is a pilot project and we can adapt to you feedback. Please send us your: Questions, Concerns and Recommendations