Trauma and self-care for journalists reporting on gun violence

Reporting on traumatic events such as gun violence can present special challenges and responsibilities related to the well-being of journalists, the people we engage with and the audiences and communities we serve. Please take advantage of these resources from the Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma:


Self Care Tips for News Media

Self-Care Amid Disaster

Managing Stress & Trauma on Investigative Projects

New Media Landscape, Less Media Safety

8 Ways Freelance Journalists Can Practice Self-Care

Student Journalist Perspective: Self-Care Practices for the Newsroom

For editors:

Reporters Exposed to Traumatic Events: Tips for Managers and Editors

Editor Perspective: Self-Care Practices and Peer Support for the Newsroom

Harm reduction:

Working with Victims and Survivors: Minimise Further Harm

Ethical Reporting on Traumatised People