Welcome to the Center: Maxayn Gooden, Community Engagement Manager

January 27, 2022

Maxayn Gooden recently joined the Center as our Community Engagement Manager for the Credible Messenger Reporting Project. Her work includes communicating with past, present and future community journalists, helping to meet their reporting needs, gathering community-produced content and helping to plan and execute future improvements to the Credible Messenger Reporting Project. She produced “The Lasting Impact” last year in the first cohort of Credible Messengers. Read More

Welcome to the Center

Reporting on community gun violence presents exceptional challenges, responsibilities and opportunities. The Philadelphia Center for Gun Violence wants to help.

Executive Summary

Gun violence continued to increase during 2021 but we made good progress developing the Center and we expect to demonstrate more positive impact with each coming year. More info: Executive Summary

Impact agenda

We are enhancing our efforts to change narratives and prevent community gun violence with new and expanded programming in the new year. More info: Impact agenda

Better Gun Violence Reporting

We collaborate with journalists and news organizations to advance best practices and support the most ethical and impactful reporting on community gun violence. More info: Better Gun Violence Reporting

Credible Messenger Reporting Project

Our community reporting project empowers people impacted by gun violence to report on root causes, lived experience and possible solutions from the community perspective. More info: Credible Messenger Reporting Project

Research at the Center

The Center hosts an interdisciplinary research collaborative that is exploring the intersection of gun violence, impacted communities and the media. More info: Research at the Center

Better Gun Violence Reporting Summit

We organized the inaugural Better Gun Violence Reporting Summit in Philadelphia shortly before the pandemic.

Agenda | Audio | Experts | Hashtag | Notes | Photos | Press | Recap

Community conversations

In preparation for the Summit, we invited 15 Philadelphia journalists who play some role covering gun violence to spend a day with 30 residents from deeply impacted communities.

Open Data Dashboard

(Philadelphia Police data via Open Data Philly: download | metadata | more info)

What if changing the way journalists report on gun violence could prevent shootings and save lives? Wouldn’t you want to know?

Have you been affected?

Up the Block is a free guide to tools, resources and people who can help those affected by gun violence.

In memoriam

We hope that data and information we provide may prove useful but we never forget that we are talking about real people. Learn about individuals lost to gun violence in Philadelphia and opportunities to remember someone you loved: In memoriam.

Join us

Are you interested in improving the practice of reporting on gun violence and prevention? Do you think it might even prevent shootings and save lives? Then, please join us on Slack!

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