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The Stoneleigh Foundation has invited several members of our team and a key partner to participate in an upcoming free virtual convening titled “Changing the Narrative on Gun Violence: The Role of Media.” INFO & REGISTRATION

Better Gun Violence Reporting Workshop

Nearly 60 Philadelphia TV news journalists, community leaders and other experts came together to imagine how we can lead the way in our city to advance the most ethical, empathetic and impactful reporting possible. [Read more]

Healthcare journalism summit

Credible Messenger Film Festival, 2022

We weld our first-ever Credible Messenger Film Festival last summer, screened every short documentary we have supported to date, and followed each screening with a panel discussion including some of the community journalists, producers and professional partners behind each production as well as some of the people who appeared. READ MORE

Changing the way we talk about gun violence

Dr. Jennifer Midberry of Lehigh University reports on what’s happening in our research collaborative for the Temple University Faculty Herald. [Read more]

Audio documentary

Tashawn Strother, a community journalist from our Credible Messenger Reporting Project, hosts an audio documentary sharing her family’s journey after her son Walter Willis was shot and critically wounded on New Year’s Eve in 2019. Voices include our Director of Research Dr. Jessica Beard, who is also the trauma surgeon who cared for Walter – and Walter himself. [Behind the scenes interviews]

Media Panel on Community-Centered Gun Violence Reporting

Our Director of Research Dr. Jessica Beard participated in this media panel addressing the role and responsibilities of the media. Click to play now, read about the event at Billy Penn and feel free to embed this video from YouTube.

Healing through storytelling

Before joining our staff, Oronde McClain produced a report for our Credible Messenger Reporting Project. Then, he wrote about his experience for The Philadelphia Inquirer, titled: I was shot in the head as a child. It took 20 years, and other survivors, to heal

Better Gun Violence Reporting Summit

We organized the inaugural Better Gun Violence Reporting Summit at WHYY in Philadelphia shortly in late 2019. Nearly 250 people attended from around the city and across the nation. INTERACTIVE AGENDA

Community Conversations Day

In advance of the Summit, we invited 15 Philadelphia journalists who play some role covering gun violence to spend a day with 30 residents from core communities impacted by the problem in the city. READ MORE

Weekly Brief: 11.25.22

Each week we share news from the Center plus updates on gun violence and prevention from our partners at Billy Penn.

This week: The Coalition to Save Lives aims to provide the collaboration, data, tools, and resources to drive adoption of evidence-based, human-centered, sustainable strategies.

Read More

Alert: Due to the instability at Twitter, we are now posting to Mastodon as well. Follow us at:

Our programs

The Philadelphia Center for Gun Violence Reporting was launched to explore the hypotheses that changing the way some journalists and news organizations cover gun violence can prevent shootings and save lives. Since then, our research collaborative has refined this focus by identifying harmful reporting practices, asking what best practices would look like and how they could be implemented. Now, we have organized our work into three closely-aligned programs:

CREDIBLE MESSENGER REPORTING: Our community reporting project empowers people impacted by gun violence to report on root causes, lived experience and possible solutions from the community perspective. Credible Messengers are paired with advanced professional journalists to learn from each other and leverage their combined authority to produce and distribute independent news reports. READ MORE

RESEARCH AT THE CENTER: We facilitate an interdisciplinary research collaborative that is exploring the intersection of gun violence, impacted communities and the media. Our Director or Research Dr. Jessica Beard presented our work last spring at the SAVIR conference in Washington. Dr. Jennifer Midberry presented at ICA in Paris. READ MORE

BETTER GUN VIOLENCE REPORTING: What does the most ethical, impactful and empathetic reporting look like when covering community gun violence? We collaborate with journalists, community representatives and other experts to advance reporting practices. READ MORE


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