Philadelphia Shooting Victims Dashboard

The public data informing this dashboard is usually updated every few days. Scroll down for instructions and more information.

How it works:

The Philadelphia Shooting Victims Dashboard uses data from Open Data Philly. The dashboard is fully interactive.

• Click on a graphic to drill down on a specific area.
• Hold down the ‘Control’ key to select multiple areas at once. (Apple users may need to use the “Command” key.)
• Watch the total victim count change at top, left and watch the year-to-date totals change at top, right — for this year and last.
• Select the ‘Reset’ button to return the dashboard to its original state.
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The Philadelphia gun violence dashboard was built by AH Datalytics, LLC, a data analytics consulting firm based in New Orleans. AH Datalytics was founded by Jeff Asher and Ben Horwitz with the objective of providing 21st Century analytics to organizations serving the public good. Mr. Asher is a former CIA officer and NOPD crime analyst, and Mr. Horwitz was previously the Director of Analytics for NOPD. A similar dashboard might be possible to capture gun violence in your area, so if your organization is interested in attempting to build something similar they can be reached at and

The Philadelphia Association of Black Journalists and The Initiative of Better Gun Violence Reporting have been collaborating on this project and will continue working to make gun violence data more accessible. We hope our reporting colleagues find this resource helpful and we never forget that each and every entry represents a real person.

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Open Data Philly: Shooting VictimsThere’s a visualization, map and searchable database | Get the CSV (This data set feeds the visualization above.)

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Philadelphia and Pennsylvania open data and related resources

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