Tracking gun violence in Philadelphia: April 7, 2021

Police data: 166 people were shot last month in Philadelphia, 22 more than during March, 2020 but still the second-lowest monthly total recorded since last April. []

Latest Philadelphia data

• Police reported 28 shooting victims in Philadelphia during the 7-day period ending Sunday night. The previous week’s total was updated from 27 to 34 people shot. Year-to-date shooting victims in the city are now running 38.7 percent ahead of last year’s pace. [Philadelphia Police via Google Drive]

• Police recorded 123 homicides in Philadelphia this year-to-date as of midnight Monday, 27 percent more than had been recorded on the same date one year earlier. In 2013, 55 people had been killed by the same date. []

• More homicides took place in Philadelphia last month than during any month of March since 2007. Guns accounted for 89 percent of the weapons involved. [@PhillyHomicides]

Critical testimony

• Gun violence prevention activist John Solomon of Endangered Kind learned while testifying at a City Council gun violence hearing last week that his brother had been shot. He shared the news live online. [The Philadelphia Inquirer/YouTube]

• Video is now available of trauma surgeon and public health researcher Dr. Jessica Beard testifying at the same City Council hearing, sharing her experience treating gunshot patients in Philadelphia. In response to a question, Beard also addressed the need for reliable information, the role of the media and importance of accurately informing the public when it comes to gun violence prevention [YouTube/YouTube]

• Dr. Beard also represented the Center for Gun Violence Reporting during the Gun Violence News Summit hosted online yesterday by the Columbia Journalism Review. We will share video when it becomes available. [The Inevitable News/@jimmacmillan]

Dashboard intro

• Dr. Ruth Abaya introduced the new Injury Prevention Dashboard from the Department of Public Health during last week’s city gun violence briefing. At the bottom of the page, you are invited to respond to a survey seeking feedback and suggestions. [Billy Penn/Facebook/Stoneleigh Foundation/Philadelphia Department of Health]

Public health response explained

• Gun violence is preventable. Here is a basic, four-step public health approach. [TIME]


• Health department data and census figures reveal highest rates of gun death and poverty in the same places. [Missouri Gun Violence Project]

Crime scene cleanup

• Philadelphia families often clean up crime scenes in their own home because specialized cleanup services can cost at $3,000 to $5,000. City data categorize 52 shootings last year in Philadelphia as having taken place “inside.” [The Philadelphia Inquirer/Open Data Philly via @PCGVR]

Funding prevention

• The Biden infrastructure plan includes $5 billion for gun violence prevention and — by including it in a jobs bill rather than a crime bill — seems to be linking the costs of community gun violence to the nation’s economic health. [NPR/The Trace]

Local grants

• The City of Philadelphia announced the latest round of microgrants to grassroots organizations and individuals working to prevent gun violence. Some of the funds will go toward career skill building, mentorship, sports leagues and services for returning citizens. [ Voice]

Community action

• City Councilmember Kenyatta Johnson is holding a Peace Not Guns Call-to-Action event at 4 p.m. this afternoon in South Philadelphia. [@CouncilmemberKJ]

• You can sign up to attend a panel online Thursday evening with frontline community leaders addressing what works to ensure safe communities. [Reclaim Philadelphia via The Action Network]

• You can join a vigil Sunday at the suburban Wayne-Radnor Gun Violence Awareness Day. [Heeding God’s Call via MailChimp]


• Supporters say new bills passed in Delaware will help reduce gun homicides, suicides and violent crime. The Texas Legislature is considering a bill establishing a community violence intervention and prevention office to be housed in the state’s public health department. [The Washington Post/The Trace]

Loosening restrictions

• A bill that passed the Georgia state senate would make it easier for more people to carry concealed weapons. The governor of Iowa signed a law allowing people to buy and carry handguns in Iowa without a permit. [The Albany Herald/Des Moines Register]


• The Poconos have been the backdrop to numerous crimes and tragedies tied to gun violence. [Pocono Record]

• Americans bought an estimated 1.63 million guns last month, marking the first year-over-year decrease since the start of the pandemic.[The Trace]


• Two issues are impeding gun violence prevention: a low sense of urgency and a large partisan divide. [Gallup]


• Gun violence is a violation of human rights. [Amnesty International]

Solution of the week

• Gun violence needs more attention and well as a combination of large-scale policies. [BU Today]


• Violence prevention workers in two other cities have reached out to learn about replicating our Credible Messenger Reporting Project, which pairs reporters from impacted communities with journalists with more extensive professional experience. Now’s a good time to let us know if you are interested in joining preliminary conversations. [PCGVR]