Philadelphia gun violence and prevention report: July 28, 2021

Trailer: A new short documentary called “The Path Forward” presents a conversation among four mothers who lost have lost sons to gun violence in Philadelphia, sharing intimate experiences from first getting the news to learning how to survive. This is the second production made possible with support from our Credible Messenger Reporting Project.

Under fire

• Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney doubled down on his refusal to declare a gun violence emergency during the city’s bi-weekly gun violence prevention briefing last Wednesday. [Billy Penn]

• Shortly before the briefing, a triple shooting in West Philadelphia left an 18-year-old and 15-year-old dead, and another 15-year-old wounded. [The Philadelphia Tribune]

• A City Councilmember and the City Controller say “Philadelphia is being held hostage by gun violence” and they want a response from the mayor. [@CouncilmemberJG and @PhilaController via Google Drive]

• U.S. Rep. Dwight Evans joined the growing chorus of officials calling on Kenney to take immediate action to reduce gun violence. [The Philadelphia Tribune]

• Two professors of emergency medicine at the University of Pennsylvania say “Gun violence is an emergency. We need those in power to say this out loud and act.” [The Philadelphia Inquirer]

• A notable activist is says the mayor lied and is giving up. [Philly Voice]

• The president of the Philadelphia Association of Black Journalists and editor-at-large at Philadelphia Magazine wrote a piece headlined: “Mayor Jim Kenney Doesn’t Care About Black People.” [Philly Mag]

• As of last week, community groups hadn’t heard a word about the gun violence prevention money promised in Philly’s new budget. [The Philadelphia Inquirer]

By the numbers

• This week’s Philadelphia Police citywide major crimes report shows 52 people shot in the city during the seven-day period ending Sunday. The previous week’s total was revised up from 44 to 73, the highest weekly total since last August. [Philadelphia Police via Google Drive]

• A little relief: Sixteen people were shot in Philadelphia between noon Friday and midnight Sunday night, down from 42 during the same period last week. []

• Local media organizations have reported shootings with three or more victims on 18 occasions so far this month in Philadelphia. [Gun Violence Archive]

• Philadelphia Police had recorded 315 homicides this year-to-date as of late Monday night, a 30 percent increase over last year’s pace and 182 more people than had been killed by the same date in 2014. []

• This month marks 13 of the last 14 months in Philadelphia in which there have been at least 40 homicides. [@PhillyHomicides]

• Philadelphia has had about 19 homicides for every 100,000 residents so far during 2021, compared with about 15 in Chicago and just one in New York City. [6ABC]

Not just numbers

• The Associated Press reported five stories about shooting victims from across the nation, including a 15-year-old wounded here in Philadelphia. [AP]

• Here are the names of 58 people murdered in Philadelphia during June. [Philly Obit Project]

Healing from trauma

• The Philadelphia Obituary Project is partnering with Storiez Trauma Narratives for three free virtual summer storytelling workshops for people impacted by gun violence. []


• “Never Ending Emotions,” the third documentary produced to address gun violence with support from our Credible Messenger Reporting Project, will premiere at the Philadelphia Ethical Society on August 20. [Eventbrite]


• A new University of Pennsylvania study shows that funding home improvements can cut homicides by nearly 22 percent. [The Philadelphia Citizen]

• The same root causes lead to both gun violence and food insecurity and they need to be addressed upstream. [The Philadelphia Tribune]

• Over a quarter of youth with nonfatal firearm injury were diagnosed with a new mental health condition in the 12 months after their injury. [Academic Pediatrics]

• Childhood exposure to gun violence increases the risk of violent behavior as adults. [University of Michigan

• Enhanced investigative resources, improved management structures and oversight processes can increase homicide clearance rates even in the most difficult cases. [The Crime Report]

Media response

• There’s a new page full of news coverage titled “The Toll,” addressing the hidden costs of gun violence in Philadelphia and how to navigate the complex web of resources available to victims. [Broke in Philly]

• Read a review of the recent “teach-in” on gun violence, public health and the media that we collaborated to produce with Community College of Philadelphia. [AL DÍA NEWS]

Solution of the week

• The Akron, Ohio City Council held a session to discuss no less than 20 ways to curb gun violence. [Akron Beacon Journal]

In memoriam

• Kahlief Myrick found joy in drawing people in the neighborhood and sketching pictures of sneakers. The 16-year-old was shot and killed in February in Southwest Philadelphia. [Philadelphia Obituary Project]

• Sixteen-year-old Kaylin Jahad Johnson, who went by K.J., was one of two teens shot and killed in broad daylight at 56th and Vine in West Philadelphia last week. [6ABC]