Professional Reporting Partner Application

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This project was designed to raise voices from the community to tell stories addressing gun violence, root causes and solutions. Can you help one community reporter get the job done?

The Philadelphia Center for Gun Violence Reporting is accepting applications from professional journalists to participate in the Credible Messenger Reporting Project.

They will serve as editors or producers supporting Credible Messenger journalists telling stories from their communities related to the experience of living with gun violence as well as root causes and possible solutions. Credible Messengers are people who have had close personal experiences with gun violence who are engaged in their communities and focused on solutions.

This is a pilot program. So, providing every community participant with a comprehensive journalism education is more than we can deliver. But what if you could walk one person through the steps you take as a professional?

Partnering professional journalists will be asked to train, mentor and guide the Credible Messengers, from finding sources and structuring stories sources to verification, editing, production and distribution — meeting the standards of your own work at every step.

You must have significant experience working as a professional journalist. We are seeking professionals who have present, recent or long-term relationships with Philadelphia news organizations, as staff members, freelancers or contractors. Building and strengthening relationships between newsrooms and the community is almost as important to this project as the reporting you will produce together.

Once accepted to the program, you will be invited to view applications from the community, and then reach out and collaborate on a project proposal. Approved Credible Messengers will be invited to view your application as well.

You can take on this project at work or after hours. We can compensate news organizations for collaborating or pay stipends to individuals.

All applicants should familiarize themselves with the IBGVR Best Practices Guide for reporting on community gun violence and the Resources for Credible Messenger Reporting Teams found on this site.

All applicants should familiarize themselves with our the project’s Frequently Asked Questions and Resource for Credible Messenger Reporting Teams.

All work produced with support from this project must agree to license the Center for Gun Violence Reporting and all other parties to re-share content according to the terms of Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International.

All work related to this project must be performed according to city and state COVID guidelines.

Journalists who have already have a community reporting partner in mind should have them apply to become Credible Messenger journalists and make note of your relationship.

Applicants must be 18 years of age or older.

This is a pilot project and we want your feedback: Please contact us with any questions, concerns or recommendations.

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