Mission: The Philadelphia Center for Gun Violence Reporting (PCGVR) creates direct and genuine connections amongst gun violence prevention scholars, journalists, and impacted communities to mitigate harmful media narratives and advance empathetic, ethical, and impactful gun violence reporting.

Vision: By curating connections, cultivating trust, and conducting collaborative research, PCGVR will inform journalistic practices and influence the programs and policies that will ultimately lead to a more nuanced, public health-focused approach and fewer people harmed by gun violence.

Theory of Change: 

  1. The conversation is strengthened when scholars, impacted communities, and committed journalists work together.
  2. These communities can be constructively convened to create real connections, seeding a stronger, collaborative conversation.
  3. This stronger conversation will lead to deeper connections amongst these three groups and will generate future research questions with real-world implications.
  4. Real, genuine connections created will also result in increased trust between journalists and impacted communities.
  5. This increased trust, informed by evidence from collaborative research, will lead to better sourcing, thereby mitigating harmful reporting.
  6. Real, genuine connections created will also allow reporting to be better informed by public health and communications research.
  7. This better informed discussion will allow for improved public understanding, heightened dialogue, and support for effective prevention policy. 
  8. Trauma-informed reporting, improved policies, and the reduction of harmful reporting will lead to a decrease in firearm violence and associated trauma/death.

Logic Model:

InputsActivitiesOutputsInterim OutcomesLong-Term Outcomes


Public Health & Communications Research

Networks of Scholars, Impacted Community Members & Journalists

Partnerships with Media Entities & Professional Organizations

Independent Research Collaborative

Credible Messenger Reporting Project

Conferences & Convenings

Network Cultivation & Maintenance

Resource Provision & Training for Journalists

Identification, Amplification, and/or Support of Exemplar Reporting Projects

Original Research

Project Exemplars

Increasingly Trusting Relationships Amongst Journalists, Impacted Community Members & Scholars

Ideation & Exploration of Promising Practices

Improved Project Sourcing

Networks of Committed Scholars, Journalists & Impacted Community Members

Curricular & Training Offerings

Curation & Aggregation of High Quality Journalism

Mitigation of Harmful Reporting

Improved Public Understanding

Heightened Dialogue

Increased Support for Effective Prevention Policy

Creation of New Journalistic Standards

Decrease in Firearm Violence

Reduction in Community Trauma