Logic Model

InputsActivitiesOutputsInterim OutcomesLong-Term Outcomes

Public Health & Communications Research
Networks of Scholars, Impacted Community Members & Journalists
Partnerships with Media Entities & Professional Organizations

Independent Research Collaborative
Credible Messenger Reporting Project
Conferences & Convenings
Network Cultivation & Maintenance
Resource Provision & Training for Journalists
Identification, Amplification, and/or Support of Exemplar Reporting Projects

Original Research
Project Exemplars
Increasingly Trusting Relationships Amongst Journalists, Impacted Community Members & Scholars
Ideation & Exploration of Promising Practices
Improved Project Sourcing
Networks of Committed Scholars, Journalists & Impacted Community Members
Curricular & Training Offerings
Curation & Aggregation of High Quality Journalism

Mitigation of Harmful Reporting
Improved Public Understanding
Heightened Dialogue
Increased Support for Effective Prevention Policy

Creation of New Journalistic Standards
Decrease in Firearm Violence
Reduction in Community Trauma