Networking sessions to support local media

We know that reporting on gun violence in Philadelphia is essential, complicated, demanding and traumatic work that can often feel just as thankless.

So, we are launching and supporting a new series of off-the-record networking sessions with no agenda except to make a space for those covering gun violence to connect with each other and hopefully help us learn what needs you might have that we might be able to help address.

We’re not even sending our staff. Nobody will be telling you how to do your job. One of your colleagues will be hosting. Another will offer a brief talk on a subject she has spent some time studying: journalism and trauma, to address the burden on those of you doing this work, self-care and peer support.

We are covering the cost of apps and beverages and the venue and it’s completely confidential. We won’t be reporting who attended or where they work.

The first event will take place from 6-8 p.m. Wednesday, March 29 in Center City.

If you are a reporter, photographer, producer, editor, content manager or play any role in the gun violence reporting process for a Philadelphia news organization, please drop us a line to get all the details and join your colleagues who have already registered.