PCGVR Slack Community Rules and Expectations

Mission Statement

The Philadelphia Center for Gun Violence Reporting aims for its slack community to be an avenue for journalists, researchers, community members, and other relevant parties to collaborate on gun violence prevention efforts. It will provide members with the opportunity to participate in daily discussions, share relevant news and opportunities, and build relationships with a wide range of members with expertise and/or experience with gun violence. In addition, we aim for this slack to be used to keep members updated on the progress of the Center and opportunities to get further involved.

Rules and Expectations

  • We expect for all members to be kind, welcoming, and respectful of one another’s opinions
  • We expect for members to try to engage with our daily prompts and contribute to discussions
  • We expect for members to be open to gun violence prevention collaboration efforts that may arise
  • We expect for members to only discuss and post about content relevant to gun violence prevention in the general chat
  • We expect members to follow the Slack Developer Community Code of Conduct and use the Contact Form to report members who have violated it.