Program Summary

We create direct and genuine connections among impacted communities, researchers and journalists to mitigate harmful media narratives and advance empathetic, ethical, and impactful gun violence reporting. We organized a community reporting project to shift power to people with lived experience, a research collaborative that informs our strategy and a professional development program to support journalists already covering gun violence.

Credible Messenger Reporting Project

The Credible Messenger Reporting Project empowers people impacted by gun violence to report on root causes, lived experience and possible solutions from the community perspective. Credible Messengers are paired with advanced professional journalists to learn from each other and leverage their combined authority to produce and distribute independent news reports. LEARN MORE

Multidisciplinary Research Collaborative

We facilitate an interdisciplinary research collaborative that is exploring the intersection of gun violence, impacted communities and the media. Our Director or Research Dr. Jessica Beard is a trauma surgeon at Temple University Hospital whose work with us is supported by a Stoneleigh Foundation Fellowship. LEARN MORE

Better Gun Violence Reporting Education

We collaborate with journalists, community representatives and other experts to advance reporting practices. We’re here to help journalists find a more diverse selection of expert sources, identify evidence-based responses to violence, develop strategies for community engagement, find inspiring past reporting, critical data and whatever resources they need. LEARN MORE