Request to Invite Professional Reporting Partner

This form is for community representatives who have already been accepted to participate in the Credible Messenger Reporting Project.

Complete this form to request that the Center for Gun Violence Reporting reach out to invite a professional journalist to collaborate with you.

When you complete this form, we will contact the person you requested, share your application with them and invite them to collaborate on a Project Proposal with you.

You may also reach out to any professional partner directly and invite them to fill out the Editor / Producer Application found on our home page. Just tell them to include a note requesting to partner with you.

Thank you 

The Philadelphia Center for Gun Violence Reporting

This is a pilot project and we want your feedback: Please contact us with any questions, concerns or recommendations.

Request to invite professional partner

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Please use the same email address that you used on your Credible Messenger application.

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We think this will be helpful. Please contact us via email if you have any questions.