Report for America presentation resources: 03.09.15

Dr. Jessica Beard

• New study: “Like I’m a nobody:” firearm-injured peoples’ perspectives on news media reporting about firearm violence [Social Science and Medicine: Qualitative Research in Health]

• In the news: ‘Like I’m a nobody’: Breaking news coverage of shootings is dehumanizing and delays progress, per new Temple study []

• New video: Dramatic readings from: “Like I’m a nobody”

Maxayn Gooden

• Credible Messenger Report: The Lasting Impact

• Event: Community gathers for screening of “The Lasting Impact”

• Current role: Credible Messenger Community Manager

Jim MacMillan

• PCGVR profile: Jim MacMillan

• About:

Oronde McClain

• Credible Messenger Report: They Don’t Care About Us, or Do They?

• Opinion: I was shot in the head as a child. It took 20 years, and other survivors, to heal

• Current role: Credible Messenger Newsroom Liaison

Sam Searles

Report for America corps member / Reporter [WHYY] (bio and links to reporting)

• Moderator: Philadelphia’s mayoral candidates address gun violence at WHYY News and Billy Penn forum


• Better Gun Violence Summit, 2019: Multimedia Agenda | Resulting Best Practices Guide

• Shift the Narrative: Media Panel on Community-Centered Gun Violence Reporting: Video | In the news

• Better Gun Violence Workshop, 2022: Recap | In the news

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• Weekly Brief on Gun Violence Prevention in Philadelphia: Subscribe | Archive