Panel to address harmful gun violence reporting

Attend this session Saturday, January 28, 2023 at 10 a.m. at the Klein Camp news innovation unconference at Annenberg Hall at Klein College of Media and Communication on the main campus of Temple University in North Philadelphia. [Tickets|Map]

From left: Maxayn Gooden, Hanae Mason, Oronde McClain and Yvonne Latty

Reliving the trauma. Frustrated with inaccuracies. Feeling dehumanized. These were just some of the harmful effects that gun violence survivors described when asked how they perceived news media reporting about their injuries and about gun violence in their communities, according to a new study from the Philadelphia Center for Gun Violence Reporting, or PCGVR.

Join a discussion with PCGVR Credible Messenger Community Manager Maxayn Gooden and Credible Messenger Newsroom Liaison Oronde McClain, along with Hanae Mason, who led “Thriving” at They will discuss harmful news reporting on gun violence and possible solutions.

Thriving is a year-long storytelling initiative aimed at centering and collecting the lived experiences of Philadelphia and comparative city residents in order to generate insights about the economic opportunities and obstacles along their journeys to financial security and freedom.

This session will be moderated by Yvonne Latty, Temple Journalism Professor and director of the Logan Center for Urban Investigative Reporting.

The study: “Like I’m a nobody:” firearm-injured peoples’ perspectives on news media reporting about firearm violence