Maxayn Gooden: Credible Messenger Community Manager

Above: Maxayn Gooden speaks at a screening of her documentary: “The Lasting Impact.”

Maxayn Gooden first came to The Philadelphia Center for Gun Violence Reporting as a community journalist, completing the very first report in our Credible Messenger Reporting Project in 2021. Next, she joined the staff as our Credible Messenger Community Manager, helping new teams through our processes and some of the challenges of their work.

For her Credible Messenger project, Maxayn produced “The Lasting Impact” and then held virtual and in-person screenings and community conversations. She has also represented our Center at many events including Reframing Gun Violence: Wellbeing & Narrative Shift, a virtual panel organized by the Full Frame Initiative.

She has also conducted numerous audio and video interviews with our program participants while developing our emerging Dear Gun Violence podcast. Maxayn also co-produced and co-hosted our first and second Credible Messenger Film Festivals and our Credible Messenger Link Up event.

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