Tracking gun violence in Philadelphia: October 20, 2020

Latest Philadelphia data

Forty-five people were shot during the seven-day period ending Sunday. This year’s victim total is now running 47 percent ahead of last year’s rate. [Philadelphia Police]

• Soon, we can expect the number of people killed so far this year in Philadelphia to surpass the 391 total homicides recorded during all 365 days of 2007, as well as every year since. This year’s homicide rate is presently running 20 percent ahead of the pace set in 2007. [Philadelphia Police]

• During the first 18 days of this month, 142 people have been shot in Philadelphia. [Phila.Data.Gov]


• If you look at shooting victims over the previous 365 days in Philadelphia, this year stand out. [PCGVR]

• More than 75 percent of shooting victims in Philadelphia this year have been Black men, roughly consistent with the previous five years. [PCGVR]

More multiple-victim incidents

• Four people were shot in one incident Wednesday night in Southwest Philadelphia. Three more were shot in one incident Sunday. Three or more people have been shot in one incident on 70 occasions so far this year in Philadelphia. [ CBS Philly / 6ABC / Gun Violence Archive]

Community perspective

• The recent shooting rampage in Germantown temporarily forced closure of important community hubs. [Germantown Info Hub]

No questions asked

• Trade guns and bullets for gift cards Saturday in North Philadelphia. [PCGVR]

Solution of the week

• New recommendations for improving the collection and sharing of data about American firearms usage will give policymakers and the public a roadmap to reduce gun violence in the country. [Arnold Ventures]

Investigating causes, consequences and possible solutions

• The Missouri Gun Violence Project just published its first report. [Kansas City Star]


• Devastated after learning that her brother was murdered, New Orleans bounce legend Big Freedia raises awareness about gun violence. [Peacock]

Unprecedented numbers

• At least the 33 transgender or gender-non-conforming people have been killed in the U.S. so far this year and 23 were killed with guns. These stories often go unreported — or misreported. [The Trace / Human Rights Campaign]