Tracking gun violence in Philadelphia: October 27, 2020

You can now search this Philadelphia shooting victims map by ZIP Code, police district, council district and neighborhood, as well as previous parameters. ZIP Code results range from 0 to 188 people shot in the most recent year-to-date update. [Philadelphia Office of the Controller]

Latest Philadelphia data

• Philadelphia recorded the 400th homicide of 2020 yesterday, after recently surpassing the 12-month total of 391 people killed during all 365 days of 2007. [Philadelphia Police]

Man killed by police

Police officers fatally shot a man Monday in West Philadelphia. Open city data indicates that Philadelphia Police shot eight people in separate incidents earlier this year but also shows a significant decline in what are categorized as “officer involved” shootings in recent years. [The Philadelphia Inquirer/PCGVR]

Smallest victims

• A three-year-old was shot in southwest Philadelphia Friday night. He was the 10th child under age 10 wounded or killed by gunfire in the city so far this year. [6ABC/PCGVR]

Stark reminders

• Funeral directors paraded through Philadelphia Sunday to bring attention to gun violence, drug addiction and the COVID-19 pandemic. They did the same in 2007, the last time the city’s homicide rate was nearly this high. [6ABC/Philadelphia Daily News]


• The Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office has announced joining the Pennsylvania Safety Alliance, a statewide coalition of organizations and individuals committed to strengthening gun safety policies. [PHL DAO]

Across the Delaware

• The New York Times checked in on Trenton, NJ, where homicides have more than doubled this year. [NYT]

If elected

• Kamala Harris promises $900 million for evidence-based gun violence prevention interventions in cities with high homicide rates. [Philly Mag]

New teach-out

• Take a free online course and learn about the life-saving impact of extreme Risk Protection Orders. [Coursera]

Brandishing traumatizes

• Every day 1,100 people survive a confrontation involving a gun without getting shot but still experience trauma that requires support and intervention. [Center for American Progress]

Intervention and research

• Columbus, Ohio is implementing the Group Violence Intervention initiative. [The Columbus Dispatch]

• A Connecticut researcher will be looking into how social media conflict contributes to youth firearm violence. [UConn]

In the news

• The Trace interviewed PCGVR director Jim MacMillan, who also advises the Missouri Gun Violence Project through which reporters are looking at the problem and possible solutions across the state. [The Trace/Kansas City Star]

Solution of the week

• Doctors in New York State are working to create a universal screening tool that would identify those at risk of firearms injury. [University of Toronto]

Veterans left out

• A new set of measures intended to prevent veteran suicides has been signed into law but only after omitting a provision would have trained VA healthcare workers to talk with suicidal patients about the dangers of having easy access to guns. The Senate removed the provision from the bill. [Stars and Stripes/New York Times]

Finding help in Philadelphia:

• The Philly Gun Violence Resource List was compiled by WHYY’s Billy Penn and has been released for public use by other media organizations or anyone else. [Google Docs]

• Safe gun storage prevents unintentional shootings and people in Philadelphia are invited to get a free gun lock. [Temple Safety Net]