Philadelphia Police post year-end data

Open data published this morning show 2,327 total shooting victims recorded in Philadelphia during 2021, representing a 3.6 percent in comparison with 2020. Fatal shootings were up 17.3 percent compared to the previous year, with 486 people shot to death in the city during 2021.

Black men, male teens and children represented 75 percent of total shooting victims in Philadelphia during 2021 and 76.7 percent of fatal shooting victims. People of color represented 95 percent of all victims.

You can see more breakdowns using our Philadelphia Shooting Victims dashboard whenever new data is available.

The data is maintained by Philadelphia Police and published at Open Data Philly: Visualization | Spreadsheet. Further updates may follow.

Last month, 196 people were shot in Philadelphia, up from 182 shooting victims recorded during November and up from 184 in December, 2020. The previous five-year average monthly shooting victim total for December (2015-2019) was 112.6.

This afternoon, the Philadelphia Police web site was updated and now shows 562 homicides during 2021; up 12.6 percent from the previous year, up 57.8 percent from 2019 and double the total recorded in 2016.

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Finally, a Philadelphia Police year-end report published today counted 2,398 gunpoint robberies during 2021, up 28.4 percent in comparison with the previous year, and 3,722 aggravated assaults with guns, down 3 percent vs. 2020.