Progress report: The Philadelphia Center for Gun Violence Reporting is one year old today

This is no time to celebrate. Gun violence is raging in Philadelphia and many American cities with no end in sight. But today marks one year since launching the Philadelphia Center for Gun Violence Reporting, we owe you an update and we are pleased to report that progress is good in terms of hitting our strategic goals, especially while working our way through the pandemic and related challenges. Read More

Welcome to the Center

The Philadelphia Center for Gun Violence Reporting has been created to explore the hypothesis that changing the way journalists and news organizations report on gun violence can prevent shootings and save lives. We propose that empowering people with lived experience will be a critical next step in changing the narrative from law enforcement and criminal justice to more productive perspectives including public health, evidence-based responses and prevention. The secret sauce behind our work includes three groups of people: journalists who report on gun violence locally and nationally, researchers from a broad spectrum of disciplines and community representatives with extensive lived experience. At present we are developing a new journalism network, partnering on new three-year research collaborative and making plans to refine and expand our Credible Messenger Reporting Project. Read More

Sheila Hodges, Communications Manager

Sheila Hodges was the communications manager at the Center for Gun Violence Reporting during 2021. Sheila reported on the work of our Credible Messenger Reporting Project teams and produced social media content across our reporting channels. Read More

Charlotte Barron, Project Manager

Charlotte Barron was a project manager at the Philadelphia Center for Gun Violence Reporting during 2021. Previously, Charlotte worked as a fellow and freelance writer for Student Voices LLC, covering developmental diversity and educational inequality. She also collaborated with the Tennessee branch of Students Leading Change to organize the Chattanooga March For Our Lives and bring sustained student advocacy to the forefront of local firearm policy debates. While at the Center, Charlotte focused on network expansion and collaborating with partners to create a centralized directory of gun violence experts. Read More

Jim MacMillan, Director

Jim MacMillan is the founder and director of the Philadelphia the Center for Gun Violence Reporting. The Center is a project of the Initiative for Better Gun Violence Reporting, which he launched in 2019, during his residential fellowship at the Reynolds Journalism Institute at the University of Missouri. Read More

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